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Srivatsan Sathyamurthy

"I am That". Running as a hobby is very self-revealing in so many ways. It reveals your passion, your discipline, your understanding, and gives you ample “me” time for higher spiritual pursuits.

Meet Srivatsan, a certified RRCA Coach who lives in Westford, MA with his wife Aparna and daughter Sanjana (both active runners in the Runner’s High family). He is a research scientist working on High Temperature Superconductors He relishes the process of learning which has led him to several of his obsessions like Competitive Ballroom Dancing, Photography, Poker, Music, etc. He is also a student of Advaita Philosophy, which running has facilitated through more “me” time.

His running journey started when, inspired by Coach Sujaa (his wife’s sister), he started to attempt running 5k distance along with his wife.

Surprised by how challenging this endeavor was, he started digging deeper into the process of endurance running. Soon running became his latest obsession, complains his wife. 

Enter Coach Bala - he suggested the path of formal training as a way to channel this obsession. Srivatsan joined the RHWB training program to work towards his first marathon in Season 3 (having never run any road race of any distance). Since then, he has completed 8 full marathons including two World Marathon Majors in Chicago and New York.

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Vats gave timely, actionable feedback throughout my training. He is approachable and truly cares about his runners.
Coach V is a treasure! 
Vats engages everyone through various video shares requested during the season… he leads the team by setting an example.

"Coach Induction Ceremony" - RRCA Black Jacket Award

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