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Nitin Muttepawar

Tough runs don't last;

tough runners do.

Nitin has been part of the RHWB community since Season 6. He lives in Sugar Land, a Houston suburb, TX with his wife Sonali, also an RHWB runner, and their 2 sons  Ansh and Ayush. He is an avid traveler, hiker, sports enthusiast and a devoted foodie with a passion for diverse cuisines.

While Nitin has always been keen on engaging in sports like cricket, tennis, and badminton, running was not initially part of his fitness regimen. Like many, he held the misconception that running was probably for the exceptionally fit.However Nitin soon dispelled this myth when he and Sonali were introduced to this amazing beginner-friendly structured training program that is RHWB, by Coach Saurabh.

Running quickly became an integral part of the family routine. Shortly thereafter, Nitin’s elder son Ansh, who was 6 at the time, found motivation and proudly completed Season 7 as a 5K runner.

Nitin soon realized that running single-handedly fulfilled so many aspects that we long for – fitness, fresh air, “me-time”, discipline and most notably a profound sense of accomplishing something which felt seemingly impossible at one point.


The inspiration from the entire RHWB community acted as a force of nature and there was no going back. After completing 2 half-marathon seasons and receiving substantial boost and encouragement from senior runners, Nitin felt confident to take it to the next level, to become a full-marathoner. 


Nitin now firmly believes that running truly has the transformative power to bring out some of our finest qualities and unknown potential which can subsequently be applied to other aspects of life. Running with RHWB has been undoubtedly a pivotal life-changing event for him and he considers it a humbling privilege to give back by proudly serving as an RWHB coach.


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