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Nayana Gadkari

"Greatness is never achieved from the confines of your comfort zone."

Nayana Gadkari is a RRCA certified coach with RHWB and lives in beautiful Hillsborough, NJ with the two leading men in her life, her son Rishi and her dear husband Abhi. She is a Director in the Human Resources function in the healthcare diagnostics industry, a career that she quite literally stumbled upon, and now loves what she does!


Nayana finds immense joy in caring for her multitude of plants, baking bread and meditating. A strong advocate of self-care and being mindful of where her mental energy flows. Her belief is that to be capable of truly caring and giving to others, one needs to learn to practice caring for their own selves in abundance first. Running is one of her self-care rituals, it is one of the few times in her day that she feels present in the moment and grounded.

Nayana recollects growing up in Mumbai with the perception that running was a sport measured only in superlatives, only for the strongest and fastest. It was only 13 years ago when she met an incredible set of people that would go on to shift that paradigm and show her how life changing running could be! Since then, she has participated in numerous half marathons, marathons (including Chicago,NYC,Marine Corp and Philly) and one ultramarathon. 


Nayana sees her recently completed New York City marathon  as a spiritual one filled with acts of kindness,compassion and sheer determination.An experience that has inevitably changed how she wants to run and give back to the community.


S10 will be her fifth season with RHWB and her third season as a Coach


"Coach Induction Ceremony" - RRCA Black Jacket Award

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