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Mona Khetan

Don’t let people who don’t matter too much , matter too much

Hello everyone ! My name is Mona Khetan and I live in Edison , NJ with my husband Krishnakant(KK) and two amazing and lovely kids Samiksha & Tanishk .


Fashion designer by profession, kathak dancer (Indian classical dance) by hobby, volunteer Hindi Teacher at Hindi School - and, last but not the least, an athlete from  childhood days. Forgiveness is the key to my inner peace. Working towards my practice of meditation, I have sat 2 courses of Vipassana meditation in Delaware.


My journey towards fitness gained pace after my son joined the RHWB program in season 2. Accompanying my son for his 4 mile runs on cold wintery days of season 3, brought back memories of my own childhood. Good old memories of my school principal lovingly calling me P T Usha for winning some gold medals on sports day at school .

I realised I could feel the energy, courage and the desire to work towards my health goals. Something inside me was tempting me towards getting out of my comfort zone.Gearing up in winter running outfit, I walked two miles  while my son  completed his 4-5 miles run. That was only a small step that I had to take to awaken the hidden can-do mindset in me and seek proper guidance to achieve my goals.


Well, where else could I have got this support and guidance from? RHWB program was right there within my reach and Head Coach Balaji made it even simpler for me to transition into a lifestyle where fitness is no more a short term goal but it has become a way of living for me now. Since I joined the program, I have proudly completed 2 , 10K and 2 HM.

Yes, initially it was an effort to add something new into my daily mundane routine but with the holistic approach of RHWB program, I was able to make better life choices to amalgamate running schedules and make informed decisions towards my physical health as well.


Feeling even more energetic and fitter than before, I have continued to nurture my creative side of sewing and contribute towards the community by making --masks during Pandemic. I have made quilts for my kids , fabric bowls , Kitchen Aprons ,and a few clothes for myself and friends. Leading the RHWB volunteers and runners T-Shirt project reminded me of my work days in the Fashion Industry in NYC and has given me immense contentment lately. If you notice a Kitchen Apron on Balaji, you know where it is from!


My friends and family have always been a great support and I cherish sharing my RHWB news with them all the time.I got my passion for reading from my Dad .

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